a Gorilla with a big punch

automated follow up sequences, rapid notifications, intuitive survey builder and much more. 
Contact Gorilla is your safest bet to get quality leads without all the hassle.

Be popular

Upload your existing contact list or use a lead source to stay in touch with your leads

Be connected

Connect with your new leads instantly using our Live Call back feature

Be personal

Personalize all of your messages giving them that "personal touch"

Generate quality leads

Contact Gorilla helps you generate quality leads by taking over your follow up communications so that you get notified only for leads that are actually interested.

Increase of Quality Leads

Experience a dramatic increase of quality leads for your business


Integrate with over 1500+ applications using our Zapier integration

Minimize Response Times

Minimize your response times and spent up to 89% less time responding to leads

Increase of closed deals

Our clients have reported an increase of closed deals of 56% more than before using Contact Gorilla


you should know about our features

Unlimited Leads

You can add, import and receive unlimited leads in your account

Unlimited Sent

Add as many SMS, Email and Voicemail to your automated follow-ups

Google Sync

Sync your Contact Gorilla calendar with Google Calendar

Survey Builder

Create your form / survey inside Contact Gorilla

The first person to make contact takes 80% of the Business

With Contact Gorilla you will never miss a lead. You will never let a lead go cold.

Contact Gorilla keeps your leads hot from the moment they submit their details to you. Everything you need to run the "Perfect" follow-up process is now in 1 place.

No more having to sign up to several different software’s and trying to hook them all up together. It’s all right here working seamlessly to do one thing:

Help you close more deals!

Are you still losing time?

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