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Lead Follow Up Software

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Following up with Leads is essential but it's also boring and hugely time consuming.

Following up with Leads is essential but it's also boring and hugely time consuming.

If you Take your Eye off the Ball Your competitors Take your business

FACT: The First person to make contact Takes 80% of the Business

So Your Follow up Process is CRITICAL or you lose 80% of potential Business

Here are some risks of poor follow-up procedures:

  1. You leave a bad impression
  2. You are leaving business on the table
  3. Your customer may no longer be in “buying mindset”
  4. You are haemorrhaging costs badly

FACT: The First person to make contact Takes 80% of the Business

FACT: You MUST contact them BEFORE your competitors do!

You’re paying good money for leads every month. But you’re spending hours every day trying to reach them. Most of them don’t answer. Some of them are wrong numbers.
Some of them you just can’t contact fast enough to keep them hot!


Different people respond better to different communications….

Some prefer emails, some prefer you to text, some only want a phone call.

You need to do all of these, but it's not practical!

FACT: The First person to make contact Takes 80% of the Business
Now You Don’t Need To Do The Hard Work...

Now You Don’t Need To Do The Hard Work...

Contact Gorilla Does All This For You On Auto Pilot

You’ll NEVER Miss A Lead, You’ll NEVER Let A Lead Go Cold

Contact Gorilla keeps your leads HOT from the moment they submit their details to you.

Everything you need to run the ‘Perfect’ follow-up process is now in 1 place!

No more having to sign up to several different software’s and trying to hook them all up together.

It’s all right here working seamlessly to do one thing…


The worlds most complete automated follow-up system

  • Fully automated Follow-up sequences with pre-built templates
  • Complete integrated Survey/Form Builder
  • Instant LIVE Call Back Feature
  • Email, Text and Call Service included
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Complete Google and Facebook Tracking
  • Proven Professional Telephone Scripts
  • Google and Zapier integrations
  • 24hr Support
The worlds most complete automated follow-up system

Start your 7 day FREE Trial

No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time, 100% risk free

Unlimited Email

Full email auto responder. Interactive follow-up settings and broadcast capabilities.

Full Text Messaging Service

Achieve response rates of up to 90%. Send and receive SMS messages in one place.

Complete Google & Facebook Tracking

Track all of your stats with Facebook and Google analytics with ease.


Automatically updated dashboard gives you response rates, upcoming appointments and notification of prospects that have replied at a glance.

Instant Live
Call Back

Follow-Up speed is the key to more sales. Contact Gorilla will instantly call your prospects as they submit their details.

Cloud Based

Never experience down time or slow speeds again. Contact Gorilla's state of the art technology mean that we are completely secure.

24/7 Live

We're available for you 24 Hours a day. Simply use our live chat or talk to our experts on the phone.

Professional Telephone Scripts

Written by one of America's top Real Estate trainers, you will receive multiple proven scripts that you and your team can utilise.

3 Simple Steps


Choose Your Lead Source

In Contact Gorilla there are multiple different ways in which you can have your leads entered into the system such as import from file, generated from survey or you can even ask us to build an integration with your software of choice.


 Connect your Follow-up sequence

Building your follow-up sequence couldn't be easier. Within a matter of minutes you can have a completely automated sequence to run as soon as you have a new lead. Plus we will give you proven templates to get you going.


Contact your prospects

Contact Gorilla will start the prospecting for you, all you have to do is wait for the response and see within a matter of moments which of your leads is worth your time.

With pre-built, proven follow-up sequences using Text messages, Emails and Live phone calls, Contact Gorilla simply interacts with your HOT leads so you never miss the chance to follow-up with them as soon as they come in. Simply hook up your lead source with your preferred follow-up sequence and that’s it!

Your Follow-ups will start the second a new lead comes in. You can rest easy knowing that EVERY LEAD is followed-up with immediately.

Contact on the GO

Contact Gorilla has been designed so that even when you are out of the office you will be able to see who has replied to your campaigns on your mobile device.

You can decide how you are notified, by email, by text or both

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Contact on the GO

Customer Testimonials


Contact Gorilla does everything for you in the background so your prospects have no idea it's an automated system. Each individual prospect will think you are giving them personal attention from the moment they submit their details. Your campaigns are personalised by you and Contact Gorilla uses extremely sophisticated AI so your responses appear totally natural.

Of Course! We pride ourselves on being the industries leading follow-up system and therefore integration with the most popular platform is essential. Therefore we have are developing integrations with Zillow, Commissions Inc,, RealGeeks, Trulia, Zillow Group Mortgages, Lead Router, Land Voice, Top Producer, Boomtown, Zapier, Lending Tree, Kunversion and more. If you don't see an integration for your software our team will happily help you out with one.

We are the only platform on the market that has everything in one place without the need for integrating other software and having technical knowledge. Having everything in one place will save you hours of headaches and hundreds of dollars every month.

Past testing over that last year shows that you should expect anywhere between 55% and 75% in EVERY campaign. Contact Gorilla will also notify you immediately when someone responds quickly to show that they are a hot lead.

Contact Gorilla is specifically designed for you if you need leads to generate sales such as Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Loan Officers, Gyms, Insurance etc but as the follow-up sequence is completely customizable it can be used for any lead generation campaign.

Still not convinced?